The poultry farming involved the chicken, ducks, turkeys and other fowl. It is profit making business and provide great employment source. Poultry is such type of business that can never dry up, having always demand from local and global market, so there is a lot of scope for fast growth of your poultry farm.

For start poultry farm the initial requirement is not too much high, you can start with small scale production and elaborate it slowly but you should be prepared by considering all of it's aspect and should know about basic require equipment to increase the birds and marketing your business.

Require Steps For Start Poultry Farm

Select the proper land:

For set up the poultry farm, selection of proper land is the first and important step. It is base of your poultry farm. Area of land is depend on number of birds. Following are given some guideline for select the proper land

  • Select the noise free place
  • Select the fresh and pollution free enviornment
  • Never setup land in rented land, because land owner can force you anytime to leave his land. So,it would be better if you are the owner of the land
  • Make sure the fresh and clean water source is available
  • Selected area is free from all type of harmful animal and predators
  • Suitable transport system is must

Select The Poultry Secter

Poultry farming is a large industry. Before start poultry farm you should be select the sector. Usually there are two type of poultry farming broilers and layers, broilers are chicken that you increase for meat. Layers are chicken that you increase for eggs. You can select both sector or more than two. Following are given some example

  • Meat production(Broilers breeding)
  • Egg production(layers breeding)
  • Poultry feed production
  • Chicken breeding(Hatchery)
  • Egg and meat processing

Choose The Type Of Bird

he poultry farming involved the chicken, ducks, turkeys and other fowl. You must be select bird. At the beganing you should be select one or two bird only.

Know The Market Your Farm Production

You must be aware about the condition fo market, because it is very important for your business growth. To market your products, make sure that you have properly analysed the demand and supply situation for your products.