Today is the challenge of achieve Optimization because the farming is done in different circumstances. Optimization is the act of getting the best results under certain circumstances. The optimization in farming is very important not only for cost reduction but also for ecological reasons and increasing crop yields. Optimized plant nutrition leads to higher yields and healthier plants with higher nutrient content. This reduces the cost of pesticides, fertilizers.

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 Optimization is important to help farmers in selecting the right crop at the right time and the optimum allocation of land and water to each of these crops to maximize the profit by taking into consideration, the market prices, climate and irrigation facilities. And another important aspect is cost management and guide the farmer for take decision to choose the right fertilizers for land, for that vchip-agro provide the contact of some expert so that farmer can directly contact with them and ask the quries about how achieve optimization and through the online trading provide the platform to farmer for sell their product directly with out help the broker.

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