Mushroom farming is the best way to get more profit in less time period. Person only required little idea about science and technology of mushroom growing and he can start own business of mushroom. Mushroom business is the good option for him to start.

Environment For Mushroom Farming

For mushroom farming specific environment is necessary. Mashroom has different varieties. Different varieties of mashroom need a different environment. Such as oyster mushroom requirements are, temperature of "15 to 20o," humidity of "80 to 90%", light and sanitation, good ventilation.

Making Mushroom Compost

Agriculture materials is use for made mushroom compost such as, straw horse bedding, straw, cocoa shells and gypsum, hay, poultry litter and cottonseed meal. It is play very important role to get big profit and for good health of mushroom compost is necessary.


"fungal disease" is danger for mushroom and also can have the diseases of "yellow blotc"h, "brown spot" etc. It will need to have some specific control measure according to the attacks.

Harvesting & Storage

The mushroom is harvested before spore releases. Mushroom harvesting time is decided from right shape and size. It is helpful to pick the mushrooms at one time from a cube.
There are two types of storage involves in mushroom processing-
  • long term
  • short term

for short term storage freshly harvested mushroom can be stored at low temperature (0-5°c)
Dried mushroom with 2-4% moisture, can be stored for 3-4 months in sealed pouches without any change in taste.

Farming Marketing

Mushroom farming is a very profitable and it has good demand both in domestic & foreign market.
  • local market sale the mushroom to the retailer and vegetable shop.
  • export option The export market for India is mainly the USA, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, UK and other countries.

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