The milk has always demand in over all world no matter what the season or place is. The population is increase day by day, so that demand of milk is also increase. Dairy farming is a traditional business of farmer but they not acheive require profit because of lack of knowledge. Here we provide the basic information about the dairy farming, so that farmer enhance their profit.

Essential step for start dairy farming
  • Before start the dairy farming should be visit the various local dairy farms, asked the quesion to manager about the various problem occure in dairy farm and get the idea about, how manage the dairy farm and what is necessary thing for enhance the dairy farming.
  • Know about local and global market
  • If you need of some money, apply for loan to any agriculture/co-operative bank.
  • Analysis all the thinge related to dairy farm and prepare for handle all the condition.
  • If you want, get popularity of your business. Do your business online.
Shed Construction
For the good health of cattle the large and clean, unifected shed is require. It is scintifically recommended that 1 cow should have 7ft x 11 ft area and it also varies depending upon the size of animal.
Basically there are of two types of shed :
  • Closed housing
  • Open housing
The closed housing is preferable for high milk yield ,cause animal need extra care. So generally should be use closed housing system.
Fodder Management

Cattle health is mostly depends on the good nutritional facts of the fodder. If cattles have good health it is implicitly affect yield of milk. If a cow yields 10 ltrs of milk then scintifically they should be provide with 4 kg of concentrate with mineral mixture.

There are three types of fodder:

  • Dry fodder
  • Green fodder
  • Concentrate and mineral mixture.

Dry fodder:- Usually wheat hay, paddy straw are use as dry fodder. Generally the dry fodder constitutes 2/3rd of the supplements.

Green fodder :- green fodder is most valuable for good animals health as it provides the essential nutrients required for good milk yield. We must have surplus area of land preferably 2 acre for 15 cows for green fodder cultivation. Basically gram, barseem, maize, masoor, etc, are use as green fodder.

Mineral mixture :- The mineral mixture fodder is necessary for increase milk yield. Following are given some example.

  • Mix kutti, chokar and concentrate like khalli (sarso,badam or teesi) add water in it and feed them
  • Generally sarso khalli provides heat and it should be given during winter season and
  • Teesi khalli in summer seasons
  • Badam khalli can be given any time as it increases fat percentage in the milk

For good health of cattle should be provide require amount of water to drink.

Essential precaution
  • Every morning and evening give them proper fodder and clean the shed.
  • Every day examine each cattle. See if they are in good health whether they are ruminating or not. If not ruminating then there is some problem like it may be fever or internal parasitic load or may be some infection. Seasonal deworming  is necessary to remove the parasitic load.
  • Use mustard oil to lubricate the udder at the time of milking.
  • After milking don’t let the cattle to sit as there udders may get infected so give them the green fodder so that they remain standing for atleast half an hour.
  • Do not give raw wheat, rice etc. As the cattle metabolism is different from humans.
  • Specially in summer season HF Cow heavily respirates atleast 3 time water sprinkling or bath is necessary and cool climate should be maintain by putting fan and cooler in shed.
  • Similarly in winter season cover the cow and shed with the jute bag, light fire to provide heat and to maintain the climate.