Broccoli Farming is a good option for home garden. It is cool-season crop. The harvest process depend on planting time and it is also possible to harvest in both seasons, if you are planting the broccoil at correct time. The broccoli heads have vitamins and minerals.

Major Producers of Broccoil in India

Broccoil is mostly produce in Panjab, Maharastra and Bangalore.

Require Environment:

Broccoli is a cool-season crop,so for proper growing is need a humid climate, fertile soil and daily temperature between 18°C and 23°C also require daily water and full sun to ensure optimum head size. For good yeild, Work in 2 to 4 inches of rich compost or a thin layer of manure before planting. Irrigation should be apply immediately after the transplanting.

Planting and Spacing in Broccoli Farming

  • For spring plantings, seed or set transplants 2 to 3 weeks before last spring frost date. If you transplant, assume 10 less days for growth or the “days to maturity” on the seed packet.
  • For fall plantings, seed 85 to 100 days before your average first fall frost. If you live in a warm climate, a fall planting is best, as broccoli thrives in cool weather. Plant seeds in mid- to late-summer in most places.
  • Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep, or set transplants slightly deeper than they were grown originally.
  • If you over seed, you will need to thin seedlings to 12 inches apart to give room for the broccoli to grow.
  • The typically planting rate is 300 grams of seed per hectare. Spread the seed in the nursery or on the seedling bed.

arvesting in Broccoli Farming

The harvest process is start when they reach full size and firm, does not wait until the clustered buds start to open. Morning is the best time for harvest the heads. never wait until the clustered buds begin to open. When cutting, include 25 cm of the edible part of the stalk. After harvesting process packing should be start as soon as possible.

Yield of Broccoli

Yield of broccoli is around 3.5 quintals per acre.