About Us

Vchip-agro is the part of Vchip Technology. Vchip Technology is IoT based young start-up company having head office in Pune. Vchip Technology is working in Education, Health and Agriculture sectors.

AGRO-INDIA Agriculture field is the backbone of economy of our country (India) and nearly 70% population of India lives in villages. So, Vchip-agro is working on spread awareness of modern and untraditional farming and government skims, village empowerment, online trading platform for farmers goods and automation.

As 70% of Indian population is depend on agriculture, so development of India is not possible without development of agriculture field. Thats why Vchip Technology is focusing on agriculture field. We, Vchip Technology believes that for development of India at first build a base. Thats why we are focusing on Agriculture sector. At Vchip Technology, We are doing literature review on that fields, so we come to know the actual problems of farmers. We are going to provide solutions in both software and hardware format. Our software solution is totally free of cost for Agriculture and Education sectors and we provide hardware solution at minimal cost.