VCHIP-AGRO Believe On, "Development Of India Is Depend On Development Of Village", So We Focus On The Village Digitalization.

Who We Are

Welcome to VCHIP-AGRO, Our aim to create better society using smart technology for land we form. Because We always believe that better society is a best place to live. We collect, combined and analyze big data and provide simple understanding, science-backed knowledge for smarter solution to problem in agriculture.


Precision agricultural management is a systems use the advance technology for provide more accurate solution on problem. VchipAgro believes on the technology.


For maximize the crop productivity water management technologies provide the vital role. This is one of the powerful, cloud based, central location designed for growers and consultants to take advantage of the advanced benefits in precision agriculture.


The growth of crop are increased when the maximum amount of available water consumed by crops, for that water conservation is most important. Now a day it is challenge of proper irrigation, soil moisture monitoring via multi-depth sensors have undoubtedly proven their value.


To improve yields and maximize profitability by accounting for soil and/or topography variability for that required the study of land, environment and this poses practical dilemma, here we guide how achieving optimization.


Agri Business

Vermicompost-Organic Fertilizer Production

One of the best thing of vermicompost organic fertilizer, is the chemical free. Now it has become large element of agriculture across the country .....

Agri Business

Fruits & Vegetables Export

Any one can start the Fruits and Vegetables export business, it is only require knowledge about markets. This is not necessary too much initial invesment......

mashroom farming

Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming is the best way to get more profit in less time period. Person only required little idea about science and technology.....

Aloe Vera farming

Aloe Vera Farming

loe Vera is a mostly use because of it's medicinal value and it is also called as "miracle plant". Aloe Vera is very strong perennial hot plant........